Action Sports Event Photography - Goodwood, Festival of Speed

Action sports are in no doubt highly exciting spectacles to be involved in. They are an assault on the senses with a constant bombardment of noise, smells and sights that truly amaze and enthral.

E22 sports, in conjunction with Goodwood, Festival of Speed puts on an amazing show every year. It is huge, everything is vast, it’s great fun! The crowds are big, and there is a definite sense of high-octane adrenalin flowing around the grounds. When PS:Unlimited Photography got asked to shoot the event it was received with great pleasure! It is no small feat though to cover such a large scale event. As an event photographer, you have to be ready at a moment’s notice. You’ve got to be at the right place at the right time or you have missed it. Action will happen in a split second so we try to plan things as carefully as we can however as many of the opportunities for great pictures are unscripted so constant awareness is essential. We also need eyes in the back of our heads when capturing the crowd. This is of equal important for the organisers, and seeing the audience respond and react to the crazy aerial displays always delivers gratifying images. Event photography is about showing the experience. Our still images ultimately need to convey the raw energy, the busyness and the sheer excitement and smiles of the people who have paid to be there and entertained.

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