Ashmolean Museum Oxford - Event Photography

Museums are places full of beauty, ornate creations and sumptuous works of art. The buildings themselves are spectacular and inspiring, have status and grandeur and spiritually uplift those who walk through their halls. At PS:Unlimited Photography we strive to communicate the wonder and awe in every event such as this.

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford exudes a wealth of rich colours and tones and really it is hard not to take a shot there that is filled with emotive lush content. Our event photography task at the Ashmolean was to capture the mood and animated discussion of the guests as they experience the atmosphere and location. The backdrop of art provided the perfect juxtaposition, sometimes in a most humorous way to finish off the shots nicely and draw you in so you felt like you were really there, hearing the buzz of excited voices and experiencing the splendour of the surroundings. . .Maybe even tasting the wine!

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