Hotel and Interior Design Photography - Oxford

Comfort, style, luxury and elegance. This is what PS:Unlimited Photography looks to deliver when shooting hotel interior design projects. So how do we approach communicating the space, the depth, the quality and feel of furnishings and capture the overall ambience that makes the clients visit so memorable?

Firstly, we start with the room itself. We look to maximise visibility of the beds, comfortable chairs and window areas. We want the room to feel spacious and airy, whilst still being inviting - perhaps intimate in feel. An occasional tweak of furniture position may be required during this process! We do have a trick or two up our sleeve, and it has been known for us to use special panning and retouching techniques to make the most of available room detail if this is not possible to achieve in one shot alone. Light of course is everything, so we aim to use the rooms natural ambience as much as possible with a little enhancing if required. Our aim is to bring out the material textures, colour combinations and styling that the designers would have spent hours and hours developing. Their vision is our vision. The individuality of each hotel is very important to be able to communicate in order to help someone search for their ideal place to stay. At PS:Unlimited Photography we understand this, and this is what makes our interior photographs work so well.

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