Wadham College Event - House of Lords - London

You could quite possibly think of the House of Lords as being possibly distant and altogether out of this world! Not when it comes to Oxford College, Wadham, who hosted the event under the eternal watchful eye of Big Ben. There was plenty of exuberance, jollity and youthful discussion being bantered about that evening.

PS:Unlimited Photography is no stranger to event photography in special locations, nor does it shy away from famous A -listers, celebrities or politicians who may form part of the extensive guest list. In a situation such as this, our event photography will serve as a permanent reminder of the day as well as provide instant content for social media to broadcast the occasion for maximum exposure and effect. Well done to the Wadham development team for hosting such a smooth running event.

We were discreet as possible in our work whilst obtaining engaging as well as intimate photographs of both location and guests. Our visual menu for the evening was one of colour and warmth mixed with friendship and underlying tones of serious conversation!

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